Fragmented Democracy w/ Jamila Michener

Jamila Michener (@povertyscholar) joins us to discuss the politics of the social safety net and her research on how the implementations of Medicaid intersect with race, class, poverty, and our agency as citizens. If you’ve never interacted with state or federal social welfare programs this episode is *especially* for you. We also discuss the crime against democracy currently unfolding in the Utah legislature as they actively ignore the clear result of their state ballot initiative on Medicaid expansion.

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Jamila Michener is Assistant Professor of Government at Cornell University. Follow her on Twitter @povertyscholar and buy her latest book “Fragmented Democracy: Medicaid, Feminism, and Unequal Politics” from Cambridge University Press –

Also referenced in this episode, Jamila’s articles:

“People who get Medicaid are made to feel powerless. That pushes them out of politics and toward fatalism.” (Washington Post) –

“The politics and policy of racism in American health care” (Vox) –

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