UNLOCKED – This Is Fine w/ Joshua Citarella

*Unlocked by popular demand* đź’‰ DP EP 32 đź’‰ Originally Posted 20 March 2019

The Panel speaks with artist and writer Joshua Citarella about his research on edgelord meme culture, the MAGA posters rallying behind Andrew Yang, and the competing left and right visions for Universal Basic Income. We also discuss his writing on TikTok, Gen Z’s repudiation of personal branding, and Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars’ thing for contemporary art.

đź’‰ DP EP 32 đź’‰ 20 March 2019

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You can find Josh’s work joshuacitarella.com and follow him on Instagram @joshuacitarella

Read Josh’s writing here:

“Politigram and the Post-Left”: joshuacitarella.com/_pdf/Politigram…_2018_short.pdf

“Welcome to TikTok, the Wildly Popular Video App Where Gen Z Makes the Rules” (Artsy) http://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-edit…ideo-app-gen-rules

Episode image: Joshua Citarella, SWIY (2017)

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