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We’re a podcast about left politics, sex, feminism, intersectionality, capitalism, socialism, culture, art and the horrors of being a human being in America.

UNLOCKED – Street Medics w/ JC*

*Unlocked* Support us on Patreon for a bonus episode every week – JC* joins the Panel to discuss his work with NYC DSA Medics, being on the ground during Charlottesville, harm reduction programs, and the intersection of capitalism and epidemiology. J* is an EMT, street medic, program director the the NYC DSA opioid overdose […]


We Needed It Yesterday

The Panel reviews the first ever congressional hearing on Medicare for All and the fight that preceded it over who was allowed to testify. We also weigh in on the measles-quarantined Scientology cruise, Mayor Pete’s dogwhistle to anti-vaxxers, and democracy bucks. Sampled audio comes from Ady Barkan’s testimony on Tuesday; watch the full hearing here: […]


Accessible Harassment – May Day Teaser w/ Alana May Johnson

Subscribe on Patreon and hear the full episode here: (Teaser) The Panel celebrates International Workers’ Day with friend of the show Alana May Johnson. We discuss Amazon’s automated system for firing workers, the Vox interview about the culture of work that managed to ignore any discussion of capital or worker exploitation, working with a […]


(Teaser) Let Dzhokar Vote

Subscribe on Patreon and hear the full episode here: (Teaser) The Panel discusses the “scandal” around extending voting rights to the incarcerated, Liz Warren’s free sponcon for AT&T subsidiary HBO, and the Democratic Party’s private meetings, disclosed in the Times, about what to do about Bernie. Vince gives us a rundown on Twitch and […]


Steroid Zizek

The Panel discusses the Zizek v. Peterson debate, the climate legislation that passed in New York City council while everyone was yelling about the Mueller report, and picks through some of Liz Warren’s more interesting policy proposals. 💉 DP EP 41 💉 21 April 2019 Support us on Patreon for a second full episode every […]