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We’re a podcast about left politics, sex, feminism, intersectionality, capitalism, socialism, culture, art and the horrors of being a human being in America.

(Teaser) Trauma Bonding

Subscribe on Patreon and hear the full episode here: (Teaser) 30 – Trauma Bonding The Panel discusses the Trump administration’s plans to push people off of social security by monitoring recipient activities on social media for “fraud.” We also discuss Mark Zuckerberg’s transparent preparations to evade antitrust hearings, and former Blackwater head Erik Prince’s […]


Vax Season

The Panel discusses the anti-vaxxer community bringing measles back in Brooklyn, Bernie’s pledged adoption of long term care into his Medicare for All bill, and Ilhan Omar’s string of anti-imperialist statements and refusal to fold to AIPAC. Bea’s encounter with an unvaccinated child sends her to the emergency room. 💉 DP EP 29 💉 10 […]


Clarence Thomas Libel Cult

The Panel considers the potential ramifications of Clarence Thomas’ recent suggestions about free speech and libel laws, set against a backdrop of months of journalist layoffs across the press. We also dig into Diane Feinstein’s dressing down of a group of children, Amy Klobuchar asks to see our manager, and Vince explains why gay cabals […]


Fragmented Democracy w/ Jamila Michener

Jamila Michener (@povertyscholar) joins us to discuss the politics of the social safety net and her research on how the implementations of Medicaid intersect with race, class, poverty, and our agency as citizens. If you’ve never interacted with state or federal social welfare programs this episode is *especially* for you. We also discuss the crime […]