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We’re a podcast about left politics, sex, feminism, intersectionality, capitalism, socialism, culture, art and the horrors of being a human being in America.

Ableism and White Supremacy w/ Imani Barbarin

The Panel is joined by Twitter’s own Crutches&Spice, @imani_barbarin, to talk about her article “Ableism Is the Go-To Disguise for White Supremacy.” Imani sticks around to talk the branding exercise that is America, internalized ableism, and tiny homes. Emily gets a laptop from someone’s lost luggage. Beatrice gets thrown out of the Container Store. *TRANSCRIPT […]


Who Shall Live? w/ Philip Rocco

It’s a very special holiday episode, and to celebrate we’re diving deep in that most festive of topics: Medicare for All, Obamacare repeal, and the lengths wonks go to keep people from thinking public policy is for “the public.” The Panel is joined by Philip Rocco, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Marquette University, and […]


This One’s For Miss Linda

This one’s a Marvel movie, there are two post-credit scenes. The Panel calls out the various human rights abuses of XPO Logistics, a company you may not have heard of that provides infrastructure for companies to compete with Amazon. Vince gets a rundown on the politics of “care”. Emily gets an ableist DM in the […]


(Teaser) Everything You Were Afraid To Ask, Part 2

Support us on Patreon and hear the full episode here: (Teaser) Part 2 of Beatrice and Emily’s conversation on what’s “wrong” with them. The Panel takes aim at “inspiration porn” from disabled influencers. Emily explains what happened following her accident. Beatrice dispels Emily’s hopes that they could survive an apocalypse. Follow us on instagram […]


Platform Porn & ACT UP w/ James La Marre

The Panel is joined by James La Marre (poet, activist, and member of ACT UP) to talk about the #BreakthePatent campaign to seize Gilead’s patent for Truvada, the creeping fascism of the dominant web platforms, and how the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis has been siloed off from connected struggles around class, pharmaceuticals, and illness. Vince laments […]


(Teaser) Everything You Were Afraid To Ask, Part 1

Hear the full episode here: On today’s subscriber episode of Death Panel – Beatrice and Emily sit down to discuss what’s “wrong” with them, how they got their crip status, dating while disabled and medicated, and dispel some presumptions about how Disability benefits work in America (hint: it’s worse than you’d think). Follow Death […]